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Understanding the Role of a Bankruptcy Trustee

Making the decision to file for bankruptcy is difficult. If you have worked through other options and obtained an experienced legal opinion, bankruptcy is a good choice for getting a fresh financial start. Once they file, many bankruptcy petitioners wonder what comes next. As soon as your bankruptcy petition and schedules are filed, you benefit Read More

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Considering Bankruptcy When Faced with Overwhelming Debt

With job loss, reductions in work hours and other pitfalls associated with the Great Recession, many Americans find themselves saddled with debt with no clear way out. If you are struggling with debt, what do you need to know? The stigma of bankruptcy has eased in recent years. Corporations and consumers alike have made use Read More

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Is Filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Worth It?

Five years after the recession was declared, families and individuals in Florida and throughout the U.S. still find themselves mired in debt. Whether through the poor housing market, job loss, divorce, illness or mounting credit card bills, many turn to bankruptcy as the last, best chance for starting over. Many are also surprised that they Read More

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Understanding Bankruptcy: Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

We talked earlier about filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. As a liquidation bankruptcy, any non-exempt assets you own can be sold to satisfy creditors during a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Losing assets or a home is a primary concern of consumers filing bankruptcy. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to keep all or some of your Read More

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Understanding Bankruptcy: The Automatic Stay

We talked in an earlier blog about debt collection and what to do if you are being harassed by creditors. If your financial situation cannot be remedied by measures like a consolidation loan, debt counseling or working with creditors to renegotiate debt, bankruptcy may be an option to consider. An important feature of any bankruptcy Read More

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Debt Collection — What Is Fair?

Our firm works with consumers struggling to regain financial balance. When an individual or family falls behind on paying bills, late notices arrive in the mail and your phone starts to ring — repeatedly. The law protects consumers from unfair debt collection practices. Understanding your right to stop harassment from collectors is important.  The Fair Read More

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Understanding Bankruptcy: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

In recent years, the recession has stressed the financial condition of consumers of all economic backgrounds, when jobs have disappeared, businesses have gone under and bills have gone unpaid. Those looking for debt relief in the past five years have had plenty of company. For some, the hard times are not yet over.  If you Read More

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Understanding Bankruptcy: Before You File

We represent clients facing financial difficulties because of a job loss, unexpected medical expenses or accumulated debt that exceeds their ability to repay. Bankruptcy is an option to consider when other debt relief strategies are exhausted. Understanding what bankruptcy can and cannot do, and what is expected of you, is essential. Points to Consider About Read More

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