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What are Some Legal Consequences of Remarrying?

Statistics indicate that more than half of the people who get divorced in the United States will wind up getting married again. But how will a potential remarriage affect the terms of your existing divorce(s)?

First, depending on the state in which you got divorced, you may have to wait a certain period of time after your divorce is finalized before you are legally allowed to marry again. Attempting to get married before that time is up could add some serious complications to your recent divorce.

Remarriage may also affect the following:

  • Alimony. In almost every state, remarriage will bring an end to alimony payments. There may be exceptions to this, such as if your settlement agreement specifically stated that alimony would continue even if you should remarry, but in most circumstances you can expect alimony payments to end when you remarry.
  • Child custody. Custody arrangements are most often affected when the custodial parent remarries and the children have a poor relationship with the new spouse. If the new stepparent is abusive to the child, for example, courts will do everything they can to protect that child, which likely includes changing custody to the other parent. If the non-custodial parent gets remarried, there is the potential for changes in visitation schedules.

If you are unsure how a potential remarriage might affect you, secure counsel from a respected Jacksonville divorce attorney. It is important that you understand the full impact of your potential marriage before you move forward.


Attorney Andrea Jevic contributed to this blog post.

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